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Fire Damage Repair Services in Deerfield Beach Florida

Fire Damage Repair Services

If your Deerfield Beach home has been damaged by a fire, your home insurer should compensate you for the damages. Unfortunately, the insurance claims process can be complicated, and it is easy to make a costly mistake in filing a claim. Flood & Fire Restoration can help you navigate the problem of dealing with your insurance company by filing directly with them.

We know you may be anxious to clean your home after a fire, but don’t do it yourself. You should take the time to get a professional to advise you. If you don’t you may be wasting your time and even be creating further damage. You first step should be to contact your insurance company’s claim department immediately once the fire is out. They can provide advice on restoration or replacement of damaged items. You second step is to call the professionals at Flood & Fire Restoration, Inc. to come an give you quote any time of day. We can provide you with advice to prevent any further damage. We can help determine which items can or cannot be saved, and provide quality services to thoroughly clean and deodorizing your home.

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Deerfield Beach Florida Service Area

Fire damage repair services are availiable in the Deerfield Beach, Florida area. Our Pompano, Florida offices are within 6 miles of Deerfield Beach making us the most reliable choice to quickly respond to a mold removal issue in your home or business. Our professional technicians have the experience and professional equipment to remove mold and repair the damage.

Flood & Fire Restoration offers the following fire damage repair services:

  • Temporary protection/board Up
  • Fire & smoke restoration
  • Smoke, soot & odor removal
  • Duct cleaning & sealing
  • Cleaning, sanitation & deodorization
  • Carpet and pad removal (when necessary)