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Clint Griffin VP, Advantage Golf Cars, Inc.

In South Florida, it is difficult and sometimes impossible to identify a Contractor that is honest, ethical and delivers what they promise at a reasonable rate. When a pipe broke in my home and damaged two rooms, I had to contract a Restoration Company quickly to clean up the disaster and prevent mold from growing.

I contacted Chris Guccione with Flood & Fire Restoration, Inc. based out of Margate Florida. Chris was responsive and professionally cleaned up the disaster in my home. His experienced team was trustworthy and extremely helpful. His equipment was new and quickly removed all the water and moisture from my home. His final invoice was reasonable and was covered 100% by my insurance. Chris and his team truly cared about my home and my family.

I would personally recommend Chris Guccione and Flood & Fire Restoration, Inc. to anyone that requires emergency response restoration services.

Carol & Jay from Parkland, FL

Chris is like family. He always shows up when needed. Whether it be to help us settle into our new home, mitigate mold from a leak in a wall or even something as small as changing a flood light or smoke alarm battery that was chirping incessantly, nothing was too small to do. It became such that we as we'll as others in our family could always count on Chris to be there for us. We always had peace of mind knowing we could turn to Chris if problems arose. The quality of his work speaks for itself as we have successfully sold properties that he did work in and the work in our new home stands out above the rest.

Steve & Jami from Boca Raton, FL

We first met Chris Guccione in 2000. We where planning on doing an addition and extensive renovation to our home. Our paths crossed when we met a neighbor who had a similar project completed by Chris and his Father Greg. We were extremely impressed by the quality of the work and their excellent references.

One project led to another and each time his work was consistent. There were never any surprises financially and the work was consistently completed on time, and the crew was always neat and pleasant.

Over the years it has been our pleasure to refer a half dozen other friends to Chris and each one of them thanked us and was very pleased with the end products. He even assisted us with sourcing product and giving us his advice when we were working with a contractor 3000 miles away on our second home in Utah!

Chris always stands behind his work and can be counted on for an honest opinion. He made projects that were messy and inconvenient to day to day living a great experience

Scott from Boca Raton, FL

Chris, I just wanted you to know how pleased I was with you and your crew's service at my house recently. When I saw all that water from the broken pipe in my kitchen I thought my house would never be the same. Because of your fast action and expertise, the damage was kept to a minimum. I was very impressed with your knowledge of the situation and the type of equipment you placed in the house to dry up the water.

Since my damage occurred on a Friday, I did not expect to see anyone back at my house till Monday. It was very reassuring to me and my family that you came out on both Saturday and Sunday to monitor the situation and make sure that the job was progressing as it should have. I will be very happy to recommend you to family and friends if the need arises.