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How a Plumber and FFR Can Fix Your Sewage Backup Problem

Sewage back-up through neglect or natural causes requires professional help.  There are many issues to deal with and a plumber may not be fully qualified to assess the extent of your sewage & water damage problem.  When a sewage backup occurs there are many micro-organisms that can cause sickness in anyone residing in the home, including your pets. 

So when dealing with a sewage back-up problem follow these suggested guidelines:

  • Evacuate your family and pets from the home
  • If possible turn off electricity and water to prevent more damage.
  • Stay clear of the residence until it is deemed safe by the team working hard to get you back in your home.
  • Call for a professional’s help!  Call Flood and Fire Restoration at (954) 224-6266

Any plumbing professional will tell you that waste water and raw sewage can potentially carry bacteria, parasites and viruses.  If exposed a homeowner may experience a range of symptoms to include , but not limited to, diarrhea and infections that can last several weeks.  It is best to let Flood and Fire Restoration deal with the cleanup.  Before exiting the premise remove any valuables not affected by the water problem.  All porous materials should be removed.  If you have a back-up do not flush toilets.  Be sure to wear rubber gloves when handling anything that is exposed to sewage and wash hands immediately afterwards.  If you need a reputable plumber FFR can recommend several that will that can stop the leak.

Because of Florida’s high humidity special care is needed when drying out a residence after a sewage back-up.  If not completely dried and properly disinfected bacteria may remain and spread continuing to be a health risk.  Once the water is removed and the home has been cleaned and disinfected any restoration can begin.  Plumbers do not usually perform these tasks.

The professionals at Flood and Fire Restoration will work with reputable plumbers to quickly and properly repair your property and get everything back to normal.

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